Strategic review

Where individuals, family offices and corporates have multiple, disconnected investments, it can be difficult to consolidate relevant financial information to hold managers to account.

We will build bespoke financial models for each business, providing owners with detail on each business with a consolidated dashboard for a quick-glance overview.

What will you get out of it?

  • Relevant information all in one, user-friendly dashboard;
  • Deeper understanding of drivers of disconnected investments to inform decision-making;
  • Actuals vs budget comparisons to provide early-warning of under-performing businesses;
  • Cash flow forecasting to red-flag potential solvency issues;
  • Periodic reporting in a form tailored to your requirements, highlighting key performance indicators;
  • Comfort that you are receiving relevant information in an accessible form, freeing your time for other priorities.

How we work

Our priority is to minimise clients’ time commitment by drawing on our experience of analysing companies and creating financial models.  The following is an indicative methodology:

  • Initial meeting or call for a high-level overview of the businesses and your priorities;
  • Download of existing models, accounts and other relevant data for us to review, analyse and create rough-cut, initial financial model;
  • Interaction with business managers for deeper, business-specific understanding to inform key drivers of the financial model;
  • Present first draft financial model and dashboard for feedback;
  • Make relevant alterations to complete work, with written instruction manual for ease of use;
  • If required, we can establish systems that ensure we receive relevant numbers to inform periodic reporting in agreed form.

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