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slate film financing model

What is a slate film-financing model?

A financial model used to co-finance a slate of feature films.   Uses simulation techniques to produce multiple result sets for probabilistic analysis.

Features of such models include:

  • Normally pre-tax
  • Cash based results
  • Handles hundreds of films
  • Co-financing structure
  • Senior debt, mezzanine finance and equity investors
  • Includes commercial co-financing cash flow waterfall
  • Randomised film order
  • Includes a pertinent feature film historic data set
  • Includes simulation techniques for probabilistic analysis of results
  • Allows for ways in which to constrain or alter the use of the historic film data set
  • Includes input timing grid

Who is it for?

Our film-financing slate models are for demanding, deal-focused individuals.

Our clients want to better understand the dynamics of large film-financing slate deals, and make win-win deals with top-quality investors from around the world.

They require elegant and pragmatic solutions that simply give them the information they need, without wasting time.

They also demand the reassurance of proven technology and track record for the conservative world of investors in which they work.

What are the features?

What are the features of a Lazuli slate film-financing model?

  • Our slate film-financing models are fast
  • The models use random generated film orders
  • Modular build allowing change over time
  • Transparent and simple modelling
  • Can comfortably deal with hundreds of films, each with a film cash waterfall
  • One overall co-financing commercially-accurate cash flow waterfall
  • Random simulation techniques for random film order
  • Super-organised and structured
  • Excellent sensitivity analysis, results storage and comparison
  • Built in FAST standardised modelling language
  • Proven track record
  • Bankable model

What are the benefits?

Benefits include:

  • Fast analysis for better deal negotiation
  • Can be used for the biggest slate deals
  • Better commercial structuring
  • Better deal-driver understanding
  • Quicker analysis with fast simulation
  • Investor reassurance with bankable models
  • Randomised film order for investor reassurance of results
  • Reassurance from proven track record

Your objections?

We don’t doubt that you are a savvy financier.  Therefore, you have questions.   Here we try to answer these.

What is the cost of a Lazuli slate model?

Our models contain part-template and part bespoke elements so are very well priced.

What if the deal does not happen?

We can come to a commercial agreement regarding the potential outcome of the deal.

Are these models reusable?

Yes, for the most part they are.   We can explain this in more detail.

Will the model allow me to find the most optimised solution?

Yes, the key strength of our models is the organised and well-structured commercially correct cash flow waterfall.

Can the models be accused of not being random enough?

No, we use accepted randomising techniques that are generally accepted.

Will the potential investors doubt the model?

No, our models are bankable.   More than that, we like to think they are at the very top of what investors will have seen.

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