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Infrastructure, regulated infrastructure, public-private partnerships, film-financing, mobile gaming, e-commerce, telecommunications, ports, port services, high-speed rail, rail, gas distribution, electricity distribution, pipelines, stadiums, schools, hospitals, public administration buildings, bridges, roads, prisons, young offender institutions, waste and clean water facilities, sixth-form colleges, solar power farms, off-shore wind farms, on-shore wind farms, power stations, automotive services, desalination, energy transportation and distribution, nuclear processes.


Operating models, transaction models, acquisition models, financing models, refinancing models, forecasting models, strategic models, working capital models, cost models, cash flow models, accounting models, evaluation models, performance models, business models, asset models, monthly models, quarterly models, semi-annual models, annual models, multi-timeline models, single-company models, multi-company models, consolidation models, adjustment models, elimination models, valuation models, monthly reporting models, project finance models, infrastructure models, corporate finance models, leveraged-buyout models, slate models, simulation models, risk models, VBA models.

Lazuli Solutions builds intuitive models