Media Slate Financing Model - Basic


Media Slate Financing Model - Basic


This is a financial model in Excel for use by media financiers.

Use this model to:

  • develop a media slate financing project

  • appraise the project for equity and debt capacity, and

  • report to managers and investors up to, and including, transaction


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“This is very clear. We can do our financing structure with a tried-and-tested media financing methodology.”

A leading UK and international media finance developer and investor.


  • Appraise the co-financing media project for debt capacity and equity requirement

  • Appraise the co-financing media project for equity/investment payback, cash-on-cash multiple and investor and management returns

  • Report to investors and managers up to, and including, transaction

  • Flexible construction to be able to try different financing solutions

  • Fast simulation functionality

  • Random portfolio functionality


  • Three-region analysis

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle revenue

  • Library value

  • Distribution and sales fees, calculated pre and post threshold, and fully dynamic

  • Participations and residuals functionality, including recoupment

  • Costs include advisory fees, fund operating costs, transaction costs and other fund costs

  • Detailed financing includes equity and debt

  • Debt capacity is measured using borrowing base methodology

  • Capped equity mathematics

  • Fund waterfall is on a co-financing arrangement

  • Gross corridor functionality

  • Revenues and costs phasing

  • Up to five years production and twelve years release

  • Up to 20 media on slate

  • Up to 30 media in historic database

  • Up to 1,000 simulations

  • Individual media sheets

  • Random portfolio generator with input degrees of uniqueness

  • Full simulation VBA

  • Quarterly timeline

  • Full quarterly financial statements

  • Full annual financial statements

  • Reporting:

    • Media TCCR for each media in each portfolio and fund

    • Gross receipts for each media in each portfolio and across fund

    • Individual cash flow waterfall for each media

    • Cash flow waterfall for co-financing fund

    • Equity cash flows for co-financing fund

    • Debt cash flows for co-financing fund

    • Breakage alarm for each portfolio

    • Shareholder return for each portfolio

    • Management fees and returns

    • Median, average, maximum and minimum of all fund key performance indicators calculated across all portfolios

  • Very simple to use

  • Excel and VBA written to best practice and FAST standard

  • Includes all standard FAST functionality including:

    • Sensitivity analysis reporting

    • Ref & Diff sheets

    • Track sheet

    • Check sheet

    • Control Panel

Included in the price

  • The downloaded Excel MediaModel_Basic

  • The Lazuli Solutions Excel Add-In with useful functionality (*)

  • The “See-Through Modelling” book for detailed description of the model language and logic (*)

Contact & more information

To claim the software and book (*), or for more information, contact Dominic Robertson at Lazuli Solutions at or call +44 20 3151 4799