Media Financing Slate Model

A media financing slate model is an Excel financial model that provides the probabilistic transaction outcomes of a multiple media financing agreement across randomised inputs sets. 

The media may be feature films, television series or games, and can sometimes exceed many hundreds in number.


The static slate model produces a single cash flow result set for a single input data set.  Media investors typically require between 500 and 1,000 result sets to get comfortable so the model has to be able to 'run' this many times at the push of a button.

On each run or simulation the model needs to change the input data set and then record the result set.  This is where speed of calculation and agility is of the essence.

Financial Structuring

In addition the media financing slate model will contain structured financing for equity, possibly junior debt and senior debt as well as specifically defined items such as a gross corridor.

The challenge with large slate financing Excel models is dealing with the results of the simulations and Lazuli Solutions has written bespoke software for this purpose.


We call our Excel media slate financing model MediaModel.

We have two versions called MediaModelBasic and the MediaModelSpeed.

Both solutions contain all the same Excel wisdom to be able to run a media slate financing deal.

The difference lies in the number of media each solution can run, where the Basic solution can run up to twenty media, and the Speed solution is able to handle hundreds of media.


The MediaModelBasic is available for download on our ModelShop page.


If you are interested in the MediaModelSpeed then please make enquiries using the form at the bottom of this page.


media slate financing solution

MediaModel is built to explore financing solutions for a slate of media and then take these to transaction. 

To bring investors on board, from senior debt lenders to equity and/or mezzanine, the model can run as many simulations as required.  This while defining the probabilistic nature of specific inputs.


bespoke media & financing structure

MediaModel is a bespoke tool designed for the media finance deal in question.

Firstly, it is structured to deal with each individual media.  Secondly, even with many hundred media, they can be quickly edited.  And thirdly, the cash flow waterfall is exactly designed to reproduce the financing agreement for the deal.


increase productivity

Improving productivity is key to maintaining a competitive advantage and increasing profits.  Using knowledge and know-how from across different industries is one of the drivers of increased productivity.

MediaModel is a technologically-advanced yet pragmatic way to increase productivity.

MediaModel  is a fast performing media slate financing solution in Excel.

MediaModel is a fast performing media slate financing solution in Excel.

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