Growth Partnership

Inform your intuition

You know your business.  We know financial modelling and forecasting.

Improve performance, grow your business and attract investors with a ‘bankable’ financial model that allows for a range of scenarios and sensitivities to be tested with great ease and speed.

What is Growth Partnership?

The aim is to give you an intuitive understanding of the whole of your business.

We build a model of your business that looks to the future.   But we don't overdo areas that you intuitively understand.  Instead we concentrate on everything else.   Our model will also allow you to seek investment or funding.

We get our hands dirty to understand and bring together the numbers behind your business.  We identify and isolate the key drivers so you can test different business scenarios in real time.

You do what you do best and run your business.  We do what we do best and inform your decisions with hard numbers.

What do you get out of it?

  • Test different scenarios for your business
  • Isolate key drivers of profitability with numbers to support your intuition
  • Make faster, well-informed decisions
  • Gain a strategic view of your business’s financial future
  • Find equity or debt investment in an organised way
  • Periodic reporting, tracking performance

How we work

Our priority is to minimise your time commitment by drawing on our experience of analysing companies and creating financial models:

  • You send us historic management accounts and relevant data;
  • You continue building your business;
  • We review and analyse these numbers and form an initial understanding of your business;
  • You continue building your business;
  • We meet with the relevant person in your organisation to supplement our understanding of the numbers and understand the short- to medium- term business objectives;
  • You continue building your business;
  • We draw on existing data and our meetings to create a first draft strategic financial model that analyses multiple scenarios;
  • You continue building your business;
  • We ask any additional questions that come out of the first draft;
  • You continue building your business;
  • We provide the financial model and a written summary of the findings;
  • You continue building your business;
  • We update both the model and the plan as required;
  • You continue building your business with the comfort that the financial implications of your business strategy are supported by hard numbers that can be presented to board members and / investors.



you continue building your business

We won't model parts of your business that you already intuitively understand.  Instead, we concentrate on everything else.   This allows you to concentrate on growing your business.

We will of course ask questions and require a little of your time.   But we see this as more reassuring for you rather than disturbing - effectively we are offering organisation and vision.


we create a strategic tool for you

There is a common misunderstanding of models in society - if a model doesn't exactly replicate reality it is derided as rubbish.   This greatly belittles the real power of a plan, particularly a plan with inherent flexibility.

Firstly, the plan should drive out both the real 'drivers' of the business and the real 'pinch points' of the business.  Secondly, humans navigate the ups and downs of life much better knowing that there is some sort of plan.   And thirdly, a model is exactly that, a model.

A model of possible future reality is about direction and strategy and should be used as such.


you inform your intuition

Our objective is to create a tool that will allow you to inform your intuition.   We aim to enable you to strategically plan the future of your business from a position of informed knowledge.

Once we have done this we have reached our joint objective.

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