find errors in your spreadsheet models

ExcelCheck is a review service for your Excel models and spreadsheets.   Whatever size of spreadsheet we check it for errors.

What does ExcelCheck do?

For the ExcelCheck service, we:

  • check the logical and arithmetical integrity of your spreadsheet model
  • ask you to define your commercial objectives and question you to justify your approach to answering these
  • allow you to look at all your inputs, calculations and outputs again in total clarity so you can re-consider the logical steps and the approach

Furthermore, to make sure the service is effective, pragmatic and value-for-money:

  • only the core elements that we truly believe are most beneficial to you are drawn from the formal professional model audit process:
    • logical and arithmetical integrity
    • commercial top-down review
  • in order to cut down on redundant logic, we require you to answer a series of up front questions about your spreadsheet:
    • which are the important results you wish to see checked?
    • can all the rest be treated as noise? (and therefore ignored)

To do this, ExcelCheck

  • leaves out the very expensive elements that we believe are unnecessary for the vast majority of spreadsheet model owners, including:
    • full accounting review
    • full tax review
    • sensitivities review
    • document review
    • opinion letter (insurance policy)
  • uses the shadow modelling technique by building a parallel model and investigating all the differences to your original model
  • delivers to you the parallel model as a new, fully-functioning model with the same corrected results of your original model

ExcelCheck experience

Lazuli Solutions has direct experience of managing and carrying out model audit both with the cell-by-cell and re-performance techniques.

Dominic Robertson ran the Arthur Andersen model audit team in London, managing nineteen full model audits.

For Lazuli Solutions, ExcelCheck has been used across a number of diverse industries including:

  • media financing – large feature film financing models
  • railway electrification – medium term strategic planning model
  • pharmaceutical research and manufacturing – full planning and monthly reporting model
  • property portfolio maintenance – large resource allocation and pricing model
  • affordable homes construction – charity property development model
  • academic research for the charity sector – data analysis model
  • healthcare - long term hospital operating model
  • tertiary education – long term operating model
  • regional administration – long term property operating model

Why Lazuli Solutions?

We have direct model audit experience from one of the top London model audit firms.

We know how to ask you pertinent, intelligent and commercial questions about your spreadsheet model.

We have specialist modellers that rebuild your model completely afresh.

We only build to the FAST standard, which enables us and you to see your model in total clarity.

We love spreadsheets.

How much does ExcelCheck cost, and how long does it take?

ExcelCheck is charged on an ‘hourly’ basis, except it can be discounted because of the clear specification.

It depends on the size of your spreadsheet and the amount of repetition/duplication – we have the experience and software to work that out.

It can take from a few hours to longer, depending on some very explainable technical factors – like duplication, the number of original formulae and the complexity of the original formulae.

Find out more about how we price the ExcelCheck service.

Free quote service

Lazuli Solutions offers a free quote service.

Simply upload your spreadsheet model and we will give you a quick call to discuss it with you.  Then we will go about getting you a quote and delivery estimate.


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