See-Through Modelling by Dominic Robertson


Doing lots of PFI has taught us some important lessons.   So much so that we have written a book on Excel modelling called See-Through Modelling about these lessons.

  • Gain a deeper understanding your business
  • Seed your strategic forecast with knowledge of the past
  • Run instant and multiple sensitivities
  • Easily gather information for report to directors, shareholders and lenders

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Extending lessons from PFI to other industries

Our PFI experience was extended to the wider economy.   We have built strategic operating models for the regulated energy market, high speed rail, media financing, container and bulk port terminals and a secondary market infrastructure fund.

The book describes a holistic approach.

Each business situation deserves individual attention.   So the solutions are also individual.   The book describes a Fifty Step process for building a model.   This practical process draws knowledge from financial, technical and human experience.

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See-Through Modelling content

In See-Through Modelling Dominic Robertson covers the key aspects of financial modelling, including:

  • Financial theory
  • Modelling theory
  • Excel theory and techniques
  • A step-by-step practical guide to building a project finance operating model
  • Computer set-up and efficient use
  • Keyboard skills
  • Macro-economic data collection

Learning to build a UK PFI project finance model is an extremely good place to start to learn financial modelling. UK PFI is like the world in miniature with simplified operations and simplified finance but containing all the accounting and cash elements that make for a wide-ranging experience. See-Through Modelling is for finance directors who are looking for a deeper understanding of the dynamics of their enterprise and those who want to understand the benefits of adopting a see-through modelling strategy within their enterprise. It is also an invaluable resource for aspiring financial modellers in general and project finance modellers in particular.

Author Dominic Robertson says:

“See-through modelling is about a deeper understanding of business from looking at the numbers without fear or arrogance. In particular we can learn from our past experiences, and this book looks at the lessons we can learn from PFI, rather than side-stepping the issue as simply toxic. There is a beauty that comes from properly organised business numbers that drives a deeper understanding of the dynamics at work. Good modelling is rather like the process of tickling human intuition, and until you do it you risk not understanding - we all know that the human brain is superior but it does require to be properly seeded otherwise it can be wild.”

Dominic continues:

“Writing this book was an opportunity to parade the virtues and benefits of simple, clear modelling theory and practice. This book takes a holistic approach to organising business numbers and telling the ‘business story’ because inviting others in to read and understand it is what a successful business is all about. The model should not be frightening or an unnecessary expense but rather a culmination in true business understanding.”

Dominic Robertson has been modelling since the mid-nineties and is the founding director of Lazuli Solutions, a firm specialised in building financial models that are accessible to both modellers and finance directors. Prior to this, Dominic was an analyst in the Babcock & Brown infrastructure team working on projects ranging from the development of renewable energy in the UK to defence and utilities PFI projects. Dominic has a degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Bristol and a post-graduate diploma in business administration from ISDA in Rome, Italy. Dominic also teaches a post-graduate business modelling course at IPE, a private university in Naples and leads project finance modelling professional accreditation courses at BPP in London.

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