Lazuli Solutions was founded in 2001 by Dominic Robertson

Dominic has been modelling since the early days in the mid-nineties.

First with The Henley Centre For Forecasting (then The Futures Company, and now Kantar Consulting) in London.  Then with Arthur Andersen in their Business Modelling Group, again in London and later with Babcock & Brown’s Infrastructure Team in London.

In 2001 Dominic set up Lazuli Solutions, a specialist financial modelling consultancy based in London.

Dominic is also the author of a book on managing assets post-transaction published by Harriman House – see book.

At Lazuli Solutions we don’t like jargon; instead two principles define us.   We keep things simple and clear without creating complications and we say what we think in a direct and forthright manner.

In summary, our approach is about clarity and straightforwardness.


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